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I am looking for a solution that will allow me to do advanced logging:

  1. Unlimited log size
  2. Ability to filter by priorities (debug/info/error)
  3. Ability to filter by models/custom- tag
  4. Ability to filter by user-sessions (see only errors for a specific session)
  5. Should be able to work on Heroku
  6. *Optional: Set rules to email/sms on certain high-priority errors

Either a tool that works with files and can easily diesct them, or a DB backed log storage.

Any suggestions are most welcome

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This sounds like a lot of requests from a logger. I would consider the 'do-it-yourself' method to be the greatest in this case – Andrei S Sep 17 '11 at 13:32
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Try Log4r first; if it doesn't do exactly what you need, it's pretty tweakable.

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