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I am using rails 3.1. I have a view products/show.html.erb and I call a partial like this

<%= render 'productrelationships/relatedproduct',:collection => @product.relatedproducts %>

and i access it in this way inside my partial (productrelationship/_relatedproduct)

<% logger.error 'Related Products ' + relatedproduct.inspect %>

The inspect returns a nil. But if I try the same inside my show.html.erb, it is not nil. There is some mistake in passing the value. What am I doing wrong?

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Found the answer. It started working when i added :partial while rendering

<%= render :partial => 'productrelationships/relatedproduct',:collection => @product.relatedproducts %>
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As you discovered, when rendering with :collection you must explicitly specify :partial. If you simply call render "x", :collection => "y" your passing a single variable called :collection as part of your :locals to the partial. –  meagar Sep 13 '12 at 17:49

Need to specify the local variable.

<%= render :partial => 'productrelationships/relatedproduct',
           :collection => @product.relatedproducts,
           :as => :relatedproduct %>
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Still its nil :( –  Rahul Sep 17 '11 at 13:29

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