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I have written some vhdl code which contains the implementation of a half adder. It is a few lines of code and has no bugs.

When I compile it with ghdl it produces the .o file for the corresponding vhdl file. But when I execute ghdl -e filename, the following error occurs:

*error: cannot find entity or configuration demo*  
*/usr/lib/ghdl/bin/ghdl: compilation error*

Can anybody help? Thanks in advance

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The ghdl -e command takes the entity name, instead of a file name.

I happened to have a ghdl example lying around. It has a Makefile, so simply typing make should get it compiled, after which you can run tb_adder:

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Lot of thanks, It worked fine!!!!!!!! – Quamar Sep 17 '11 at 13:57

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