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I'm on a bit of a deadline and I'm having a problem with the canvas app I designed as a tab on my facebook page.

Using Dreamweaver to create the canvas I have set pictures that link to external websites. Unfortunately, when you click on the linking pictures, the websites are loaded within the canvas area on facebook. I would like them to redirect the entire page to the website link.

Forgive me if this is a ridiculous question, I'm rather new at this whole thing.

UPDATE Okay, figured it out. To anyone who's just starting out like me, all you have to do to have it redirect to a new page is put target="_top"></a> just at the end of your link in the webpage code.

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You should answer your question with this target="_top" tip. It helped me out of a pickle! – John Dunne Feb 11 '15 at 14:15

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