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I have a div. It is really simple. Here is the CSS code below.

#example {
background: #dcdcdc;
background-position: center;
postition: relative;
width: 980px;
text-align: center;
margin: 0px auto;
padding: 1px;
min-height: 30px;

html code:

<div id="example">testtesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttest</div>

As you can see it only contains text that is selected from a database table. The problem is that when the length of the text is wider than the screen it does not start a new line, it goes over. I want to make it start a new line. How could I do that?

Note: The overflow is hidden on the page. I only tested this page in Chrome 13 and FF 3.6.

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You need to add word-wrap: break-word; stackoverflow.com/questions/3569367/… –  B Seven Sep 17 '11 at 15:54

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Word wrap will do the trick:

word-wrap: break-word;
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multi browser answer :

add this :

word-break: break-all;
 word-wrap: break-word;
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Multi-browser? All modern browsers support word-wrap: developer.mozilla.org/en/CSS/word-wrap#Browser_compatibility –  Rob W Sep 17 '11 at 15:58
to my experience - there were some problems with it : homesecurityitem.com/post/109.html –  Royi Namir Sep 17 '11 at 16:05

Add word-wrap: break-word; into that mix.

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