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It appears Python's difflib.HtmlDiff, rather than using INS and DEL, uses SPAN elements with custom classes:

python -c 'import difflib; txt1 = "lorem ipsum\ndolor sit amet".splitlines(); txt2 = "lorem foo isum\ndolor amet".splitlines(); d = difflib.HtmlDiff(); print d.make_table(txt1, txt2)'

Before I go about fixing this myself, has anyone looked into this already? Is there perhaps a valid reason for not using POSH? (Google wasn't a big help here... )

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This script by Aaron Swartz uses difflib to output ins/del.

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The python bug tracker is here: http://bugs.python.org/

There's no open bug on this issue, which I guess is because most people would not care what sort of html it is as long as it works. If it's important to you, file a bug and submit a patch.

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Thanks. However, I think changing the markup now would be a problem WRT backwards compatibility... –  AnC May 7 '09 at 18:35

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