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I have a rather simple question. I'm trying to get information out of an XML file, and now I need to get the that's inside another

This is my XML code:

  <name>Random_name1 (Random Name)</name>

I can get the info with this code:

Name = item.Element(ns + "author").Value,

But this gives me: "Random_name1 (Random Name) http://thisisanrandomurl.com"

I only want the info inside the tags. Any ideas?

Thanks a lot, - Niels

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You say you "only want the info inside the tags". You would appear to be getting that. Can you be more specific about what you actually want? –  Tom Redfern Sep 17 '11 at 15:57

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Are you using LINQ to XML? Try:

Name = item.Element(ns + "author").Element(ns + "name").Value;

to get the data inside the 'name' element. You can use Elements if there is more than one, and then use LINQ statements to select the one you want.

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Awesome. That totally worked :). Thanks so much! - Niels –  Niels Sep 17 '11 at 17:21
using System.Xml;

After then please write this code

        XmlDocument myxml = new XmlDocument();

        myxml.Load("D:/sample.xml");//Load you xml file from you disk what you want to load

        string element_1 = myxml.GetElementsByTagName("name")[0].InnerText;
        string element_2 = myxml.GetElementsByTagName("uri")[0].InnerText;

Please try this it will be useful to you...

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