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I'm interested in doing something like(single thread update, multiple threads read banneedURLs):

atomic<bannedURLList*> bannedURLs;//global variable pointing to the currently used instance of struct
void  updateList()
       //no need for mutex because only 1 thread updates
       bannedURLList* newList= new bannedURLList();
       bannedURLList* oldList=bannedURLs;
       bannedURLs=newList;// line must be after previous line, because list must be initialized before it is ready to be used

      //while refcnt on the oldList >0 wait, then delete oldList;

reader threads do something like this:

   //use bannedURLs

struct memeber refCnt is also atomic integer My question is how to prevent reordering of this 2 lines:


Can it be done in std:: way?

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Use bannedURLs.store(newList); instead of bannedURLs=newList;. Since you didn't pass a weak ordering specifier, this forces full ordering in the store.

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I'm surprised you can even assign directly like that - I thought you always have to use store() for atomics. –  Kerrek SB Sep 17 '11 at 22:02

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