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I am doing a magento project where i have to bring related product and upsell product in the product listing page which is product/list.phtml i can get all the product details from
foreach ($_productCollection as $_product): $_product->

but i can't get any related product and upsell product using $_product->
please help me please

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You can do the following (inside the foreach loop)

$related_product_collection = $_product->getRelatedProductCollection();

Regards, Kenny

PS: If you want to know which methods are available, you can always run the

var_dump(get_class_methods($_product)); die;

First one will print all available methods on the screen while second one will output it in the system.log located in the /var/log/system.log (make sure that in configuration->developer you have logging enabled of course)

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You can pass product id for which you require related product.

E.g You need related product for a particular product (Say $_product)

You can get related product ids by


You can see array of ids by :


I hope this will help you.

Regards, Kamesh J

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awesome, just what i needed! –  d g Jul 13 '13 at 22:57

On list page you get all product details with id. using this code $_product=Mage::getModel('catalog/product')->load(product_id); you get product for that id.

After use this code to get details of related product

    foreach($relatedProductsId as $relatedProductId)

        $relatedProducts[$i] =  Mage::getModel('catalog/product')->load($relatedProductId)->getName();


and you get all related product

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