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I have a form and one data grid view ....

I am filling the datagrid view by uisng the below method

 private void EquipmentFinder_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)

        productgridview.RowTemplate.Height = 130;

        var productsbycount = dbentity.products.GroupBy(x => x.product_Id)
                              .Select(a => new
                                     productid = a.Key,
                                     productnam = a.FirstOrDefault().product_Name,
                                     productimage = a.FirstOrDefault().product_Image,
                                     productdescr = a.FirstOrDefault().product_Description,
                                     stockavailable = a.Select(x=>x.product_Id).Distinct().Count()
                                      productprice = a.FirstOrDefault().product_Price

        productbindingsource.DataSource = productsbycount;
        productgridview.DataSource = productbindingsource; 

that was fine ....

now I want to find the total number of rows in the datagrid view(Row Count) and i want to represent this in label......

would any one pls help on this by giving any solution.....

Many Thanks ......

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The obvious way is to query productsbycount for a count before binding. –  TheCodeKing Sep 17 '11 at 17:52

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should give you the number of rows in the DataGridView. If you then want to set a label to have that text,

label.Text = productgridview.Rows.Count.ToString();

will set the label to display with the number of rows.

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just do

labelCount.Text = productgridview.Rows.Count.ToString("n0");

what is the problem with this?

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Many thanks.. David..+1 for Formating... –  pratap k Sep 17 '11 at 18:19

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