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I'm programming a cocoa app that presents text (vertically and horizontally) centered on a projector screen.

I'd like to have a small preview of what I see on the "wall" in a cocoa window on the computer's screen (in a NSCollectionView). Just like "presenter mode" in Powerpoint where you see the current and the next slide as previews.

Which way do you recommend for implementing the presented text?

NSTextField turned out to be tricky for aligning and scaling the text. CATextLayer, on the other hand, feels a little bit overkill for such a simple task, even though the scaling works like a charm. Would using NSTextView or drawInRect be a good trade-off?

I appreciate your assistance in making sure that I didn't miss something out before I spend hours and days on this :) My goals are to keep it robust and simple. Thanks!

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I recommend CATextLayer. If the user need to edit the text in the collection view, then you could pop up a NSTextField. – spudwaffle Sep 17 '11 at 23:00

CATextLayer is definitely not overkill. In fact, a CATextLayer is considerably more lightweight than an NSView and would seem ideal for your situation.

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Thanks a lot for your estimation. You were absolutely right. It works great. – user950473 Oct 15 '11 at 11:14

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