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Currently my project has a page domain/cocktail which displays a list of all cocktails. If user wants to filter the list he can choose sorting order, cocktail's starting letter and strength. So url will look like domain/cocktail?letter=B&sort=nu&strength=2&page=4.

As I've read it is not the best choice to use such urls. What approach can you suggest to get SEO-friendly URLs with the same functionality.

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ASP.NET MVC applications use the ASP.NET routing system, which decides how URLs map to particular controllers and actions.

Under default routing system when a browser requests http://yoursite/Home, it gets back the output from Controller's action method. Therefore if you use CoctailList action method to derive the list from backend, user will need to point at http://yoursite/Controller/CoctailList

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Now I have CocktailController with Index action. So it is better not to use Index action for such purposes? And what shall I do with parameters? If I have only page parameter it will look like domain/cocktail/3. But with several parameters it looks like in my post above. – ChruS Sep 17 '11 at 18:36
See when a browser requests yoursite/Home, it gets back the output from HomeController’s Index method. Therefore if the browser request yoursite/ConctailController , it will get the index() method from ConctailController. And yoursite/ConctailController/CockListFunc will point to CockListFunc in your controller. Therefore write a CockListFunc which returns a View listing all the coctails. You need to bind your model to the controller and represent it in view – Pankaj Upadhyay Sep 17 '11 at 18:45

In your situation, I would POST the search criteria, but I would put the page on end of the URL like:


You can post the data by creating a JSON object:

var viewModel = new Object();
viewModel.Letter = "B";
viewModel.Sort = "nu";
$.post("/domain/cocktail/" + page, viewModel, function () { });
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I'm trying to use public ActionResult Index(int page, Options opt) where Options is a class with properties Sort, Strength, etc. If I try to use this action, I get error "/cocktail/1 not found" for /domain/cocktail/1 url. If I pass page as a property of Options class I get OK response, but nothing happens (maybe action must return something different from View)? – ChruS Sep 17 '11 at 21:08

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