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I need to ignore some or all conditions in WHERE statement if parameter is null or empty F.E:

I have simple LINQ query

var query=
from x in context.a
where x.p == param1 && x.i == param2
select x

How can I ignore x.p == param1 if param1 is null or emty?


Tried this

var query =
                    from myLog in myContext.ApsValidationLogs
                    where (myLog.systemtype == comboBoxSystemType.SelectedItem.ToString() || string.IsNullOrEmpty(comboBoxSystemType.SelectedItem.ToString()))
                        && (myLog.bankid == comboBoxBankId.SelectedItem.ToString() || string.IsNullOrEmpty(comboBoxBankId.SelectedItem.ToString())))
                    select myLog;

But got

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

In case if second combobox's item is null. What's wrong?

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You can add it as a condition:

 var query= from x in context.a 
            where String.IsNullOrEmpty(param1) || (x.p == param1 && x.i == param2)
            select x;

If param1 is null or empty, the condition will always be true, which effectively "ignores" the where conditions entirely.

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you can individually check param1 and param2 this one..

var query = from x in context.a
             where (X.p==param1 || string.IsNullOrEmpty(param1))
             && (X.i==param2 || string.IsNullOrEmpty(param2))
             select x;

the above two conditions also works well , if you want to check individually

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