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I created a custom site template for Sharepoint 2010. In this template is automatically activated SharePoint Server Publishing feature by this code in onet.xml:

   <Feature ID="94c94ca6-b32f-4da9-a9e3-1f3d343d7ecb" />

I have also specified module for default page in onet.xml in this way:

(in configuration section):

    <Module Name="DefaultBlank" />

(and specified under configuration section):

<Module Name="DefaultBlank" Url=""  Path="">
  <File Url="default.aspx" Name="default.aspx" NavBarHome="True" Type="Ghostable">

But when I create site based on this template Sharepoint automatically redirect to NewSiteURL/Pages/default.aspx, which is something what I do not want. This default page is created automatically by publishing feature and it is blank. But I want as default page my prepared default.aspx, so address should be just NewSiteURL/default.aspx. I tried set this up by property of Publishing feature:

<Feature ID="94c94ca6-b32f-4da9-a9e3-1f3d343d7ecb">
   <Properties xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/sharepoint/">
      <Property Key="WelcomePageUrl" Value="~/default.aspx"/>

But it's not working. Does anybody know how to resolve this problem?

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Try adding custom code, such as event receiver, and do it programmatically –  Vladi Gubler Sep 19 '11 at 18:05

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I have already an answer, if somebody else is interested in follow this link:

Provisioning SharePoint Sites Using Web Templates

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