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I'm trying to use Data.Typeable to inspect the component types of a function type. At first, typeRepArgs looks perfect, but I can't seem to get it to work:

Prelude Data.Typeable> typeRepArgs (typeOf2 (id :: Integer -> Integer))
Prelude Data.Typeable> length $ typeRepArgs (typeOf2 (id :: Integer -> Integer))

Am I fundamentally misunderstanding how this is supposed to work? Clearly the (->) constructor is being applied to two arguments, so why can't I see them? If I try prodding the function type in the way of dynApply from Data.Dynamic, I get a similarly puzzling result:

Prelude Data.Typeable> funResultTy (typeOf2 (id :: Integer -> Integer)) (typeOf (0 :: Integer))

I'm really quite stumped.

If it helps, I'm using GHC 7.0.4.

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You need to use the nullary version typeOf

Prelude Data.Typeable> typeRepArgs $ typeOf (undefined :: Int -> Int)

However, this might not do what you'd expect. It gives the type arguments of the type constructor (->), so for a function with more than one argument you get something like this.

Prelude Data.Typeable> typeRepArgs $ typeOf (undefined :: Int -> Int -> Int)
[Int,Int -> Int]

If you want to get the argument types of a curried function, you'll have to recursively deconstruct the function type.

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D'oh. This is exactly what I expected typeOf2 to do. I used it right off the bat, expecting it to be the right choice for a * -> * -> * constructor, but forgot that the value I'm inspecting is actually of kind *. – acfoltzer Sep 17 '11 at 19:33

How about:

Prelude Data.Typeable> typeRepArgs (typeOf (id :: Integer -> Integer))
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You'd think I would have tried that first, rather than getting clever with the higher-kinded classes... thanks. – acfoltzer Sep 17 '11 at 19:34

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