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after searching the web i could not find an attribute grammar system for F#. Well there is fsyacc with inherited attributes but i am looking for something more expressive like Ox (Ox manual). Actually i would prefer an embedded approach (maybe coupled with fparsec). Well i could go with haskell and the excellent utrecht attribute grammar system (UHC attribute grammar system) but for some reasons i would like to stick with f#.

Note: right now i am using catamorphisms (and dozens of handwritten traversals) all the way in my compiler the code complexity is...just enormous ;-)

any hints?

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Regarding 'dozens of handwritten traversals', I don't know if it's exactly related, but check out

Scrap Your Boilerplate in f#

in case it helps or provides inspiration.

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well it is releated in the sense that the presented answer really reduces my code like suggested. Anyway i would prefer a more declarative approach for tree transformations. – h_s Sep 18 '11 at 7:33

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