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I am trying to debug the .Net framework source using VS2008 SP1. It is giving me the message :

Source Code cannot be loaded

Any help?

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You may want to go back to some of your old questions and accept some answers if they have been of help to you. –  Mark Hall Sep 18 '11 at 2:10

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Have you followed the steps in this MSDN article?

To quote above:

The most recent version of Visual Studio provides new features for .NET Framework debugging. To debug .NET Framework source, you must have access to debugging symbols for the code. You also need to enable stepping into .NET Framework source.

You can enable .NET Framework stepping and symbol downloading in the Options dialog box. When you enable symbol downloading, you can choose to download symbols immediately or just enable the option for later downloading. If you do not download the symbols immediately, symbols will be downloaded the next time that you start debugging your application. You also can do a manual download from the Modules window or the Call Stack window


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