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I am reading time series data CSV into an R data frame, using the read.csv function

I am then converting the date column (column 1) as follows:

mydata[,1] <- as.Date(mydata[,1])

I want to know how to:

  1. Sort the data in the data frame by date (ascending or descending)
  2. Once the data is sorted, I would like to use the dates as an index into the data frame, to fetch a row of data (i.e. an observation set for that date. How may I do this?
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These feel like the sorts of things that are covered in the most basic manual or tutorials (try searching for 'R tutorial'). It's hard to motivate to answer questions when there isn't much evidence of effort on your part to learn. Show us that you've done your homework and people will be more willing to help. –  joran Sep 17 '11 at 21:53

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Assuming you have a time series of numbers indexed by unique dates, read.zoo in the zoo package does most of that. Read the 5 vignettes that comes with it as well as ?read.zoo and in particular the zoo-read vignette.

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Try this option to sort:

data.1 <- as.Date(mydata[,1])
mydata[,1] <- data.1[order(data.1)]

I'm looking also a answer for second question!!

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