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Has anyone seen a Flash video player out there that will load and play two videos at the same time, such as for comparing videos? A potential client is looking for something along the lines of this. I've not been able to locate anything out there, and I'm wondering if there's a usability reason for this...

Obviously, you wouldn't want the audio playing for both at the same time, and the bandwidth issue for something like this might be a concern too. My feeling is that you wouldn't want to restrict a user to just playing both videos at once, but give them the option to play them separately or at the same time, with controls for each audio and playback.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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Why don't just build two videoplayers and then use a controller PairVideoPlaybackController that controls both videos through pointers? Then you could have internal controls on the videoplayer, If you want to use them seperate. The audio could also be muted on one of the videos by the controller. The preloading/buffering could also be internal and just reported to the controller.

var controller : PairVideoPlaybackController = new PairVideoPlaybackController(video1, video2);
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