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I'm working on an app for webOS that will take a megaupload link(assuming its a video), parse it into a direct link and stream it to a ffplay port for webos called TouchPlay. I'm working on a basic prototype that will just take the end code on a megaupload link and return a direct link. Now that I have laid out the basic parts of my application, on to my question. I want to take data in a form in an html page and feed it into a function in an external js script. Here's the html portion

        <script LANGUAGE="JavaScript" src="source/main.js"></script> 
        <form NAME="myform" ACTION="" METHOD="GET">
            Enter the MegaUpload Code, ex. -> glgrn8f1: <BR>
            <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="inputbox" VALUE="">
            <INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="button" Value="Click" onClick="javascript:codeIn(this.form);">

And in my main.js file is in a subdirectory called source and it contains function codeIn(code){ plus the rest of the functions.

Yet when I enter some test data in my web page and hit submit, I get an error in the chrome dev console saying Uncaught Reference Error: codeIn is not defined

I have a very limited experience with html and javascript, but I cant seem to figure this out, I imagine its something really simple that I'm missing.

EDIT: Here's main.js, and yes, I have checked for typos. Just ask if you need to see the contents of any of these functions, but I didn't think they were neccesary.

function codeIn(code){

function getInfo(url){

function waiting(timer){


Ive looked through all these suggestions and it all seems to point to a syntax error, yet when I try to put all the js functions into the head of the html, it works. So thats what I'm doing. I don't change a single thing when I reference it from source/main.js, but whatever.

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How is your codeIn function declared in main.js? Also, you shouldn't use the language attribute. It has been deprecated. type="text/javascript" should be used instead. – Paul Grime Sep 17 '11 at 22:12
Off-topic: As a good practice, you should enter HTML tags and attributes all-lowercase. It is not a requirement for HTML (though it is for XHTML - XML is case-sensitive), but sticking to conventions is good and makes your code more readable. So change to <input type="button" ... value="Click" ... >. – jakub.g Sep 17 '11 at 23:00
The cause of the error might be syntax error in codeIn definition. Show us that code. To self-debug, place alert("foo"); before and after codeIn definition (or better, use Firebug and console.log(...)). If alert is executed only once, you have syntax error. The trivial cause might be that main.js is not in source folder (typo?) but I hope you've checked that. – jakub.g Sep 17 '11 at 23:02
+1 for error in main.js. Per this jsfiddle, if your main.js has no errors then your code will run just fine, so it must be something in the javascript file. – Alex Sep 18 '11 at 0:21
are you familiar with tools like firebug?? – c0deNinja Sep 18 '11 at 0:38

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From the look of it, I think you then need to double check the location of main.js. Verify whether your HTML file is in a location from where main.js can be accessed as source/main.js, rather than something like ../source/main.js (in case your HTML file is in a folder parallel/sibling to the source folder)

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The RefereceError in general related to the scope of function that is present and the function call that is being made. It might the source path of the js, html/xhtml/jsp or function scope with in the js file. Hope this helps. Thanks.

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