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I'm trying to use Bing Maps control on Windows Phone application, but when I launch the page where the map control is located, I get this error:

Failed to create a 'System.Device.Location.GeoCoordinate' from the text '0,0'. [Line: 32 Position: 58]

Here's my XAML, though there's nothing special here:

<my:Map Height="224"
    <my:MapLayer Name="lMain">
        <Ellipse Fill="Red" Width="20" Height="20"
                 Visibility="Collapsed" />

I tried adding coordinates using this code:

GeoCoordinate ld = (Application.Current as App).curentLocation;
Location ppLoc = new Location();
GeoCoordinate g = new GeoCoordinate();

ppLoc.Latitude = ld.Latitude;
ppLoc.Longitude = ld.Longitude;
ppLoc.Altitude = ld.Altitude;

map1.SetView(ppLoc, 10);

//update pushpin location and show
MapLayer.SetPosition(ppLocation, ppLoc);
ppLocation.Visibility = System.Windows.Visibility.Visible;

But it throws "NullReferenceExcpetion" on map1.SetView(ppLoc, 10);

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The problem is when you set the my:MapLayer.Position="0,0" for the Ellipse. Either you shouldn't set it at all, or you should set it to a valid coordinate.

Also, your NullReferenceExcpetion is because of map1 being null when you attempt to set map1.SetView(ppLoc, 10);.

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Removed "my:MapLayer.Position="0,0"" and now everything works. Thanks – milous Sep 18 '11 at 12:47

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