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When I use !do in windbg for System.Guid object I got list of fields for that GUID object. How can I see what is value of this GUID (string representation)?

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Use dt nt!_GUID <@ofobject> +4

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Actually, I am testing on 64bit machine so in my case dt nt!_GUID <@ofobject> +8 is OK. Thanks. – Mijalko Sep 28 '11 at 10:21
For me when I do managed debugging and get the address via SOS, the correct value is shown when I do dt nt!_GUID <@ofobject> – Ganesh R. May 5 '14 at 8:48
If this object is a value type. Use dt nt!_guid <@ofobject> – fresky Jun 3 '14 at 4:45

Guid is stored as ints and bytes. String representation is created when you call ToString(). You can not call methods if you analyzing a 'dead' dump file. So your best bet is to just copy the values and use this constructor and ToString() in a new console app or in a unit test:

public Guid(
    uint a,
    ushort b,
    ushort c,
    byte d,
    byte e,
    byte f,
    byte g,
    byte h,
    byte i,
    byte j,
    byte k

Not the answer you were looking for probably. Hope you only need to do it once.

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Unfortunately... If you need to check dozen of GUIDs it will be painful. – Mijalko Sep 18 '11 at 15:08
Sorry to hear that. Using WinDbg frequently may indicate that you missing unit tests and that design needs to be improved. The answer I provided is good for 'once in a while' session with windbg. Good luck. – Dmitry Sep 18 '11 at 15:17

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