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I have ExtJS grid (editorGridPanel), where one of cells is CustomDateField. How can i disable manual entering the date inside this field?

I try add listeners to editor, but there is no keypress event (!) to disable entering. Also - i try an adding of listener to whole grid, = but when editor is active, it is not fired grid keypress event.

Pls help me. Here is field definition:

  header : "Release Date",
  dataIndex : 'releasedate',
  sortable : true,
  width: 90,

  locked: true,

  renderer: function(value, metaData, r) { 
      metaData.attr = rowcolor(r.data.status);
      return value;

  editor : new Ext.ux.form.CustomDateField({
      allowBlank: true,
      format: 'm/d/Y',
      width : 120

  /* this not works VVVV */
      ,listeners: {
              'keypress' : function (field_, new_, old_  )  {
                $.log( "Field", field_ );
                $.log( "New", new_ );
                $.log( "Old", old_ );



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This is answer:

  editor : new Ext.form.DateField({ /*Ext.ux.form.Custom*/
      allowBlank: true,
      format: 'm/d/Y',
      width : 120,
      enableKeyEvents: true,

      listeners: {
              'keydown' : function (field_, e_  )  {
//                    $.log( "keydown", field_, e_ );
                return false;

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