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Been struggling to resolve this for most of the day, hoping someone can assist...

I'm running python 2.7, have installed matplotlib but when attempting to get started and import pylab I receive errors saying that no module is found, even when there is clearly a pylab module in the matplotlib directory and we're using:

from matplotlib.pylab import *

Any ideas?

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Does import matplotlib work? Does import matplotlib.pylab work? –  Seth Johnson Sep 18 '11 at 0:13
What platform are you running on? I'm gonna make a wild guess that it's windows, you have 64 bit Python and a 32 bit version of matplotlib or numpy. –  Carl F. Sep 18 '11 at 1:22

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I had the script I was testing with in the same directory as the original 'matplotlib' directory from install. Using print sys.path I saw this was where the script was looking for the pylab files rather than the matplotlib directory in site-packages.


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An easy mistake could be to name the file the same way as the module. I already made the mistake for example, when trying curses, and naming the file I had to remove the .py and .pyc files to make it works.

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Try importing like this:

from pylab import *
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