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I.e., I have:

root -- c1 -- c2 -- .. - c1000 -- c1001 -- c1002 -- .. -- c2000 -- top

and I want to have:

root = c1000 -- c1001 -- c1002 -- .. -- c2000 -- top


(I guess I can do via git filter-branch, but how exactly?)

(Of course I know that this means history-rewriting...)

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Easiest way is with a git graft. If you edit the file .git/info/grafts, you can put lines in the file of the format

[ref] [parent1] [parent2] ...

Any commits referenced on the left side are then treated as if the parents listed on the right are the parents of that commit. So you can insert a line like


and it will be treated as though it has no parents. This can then be "baked in stone" by running git-filter-branch.

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I have found the below useful for creating new repos with a different root ( which is what I think you are asking when you say remove history before a commit):

git fast-export master~5..master | (cd ../newrepo.git && git init . && git fast-import && git checkout)

(you can do the above in the same repo too)

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Great tip! Very handy for creating a clean project from another project's branch, but without the hassle of git filter-branch. – Claudio Feb 19 '13 at 18:25
This post is pretty old but I hope I will get an answer. Is there a way to retain the Commit ids while importing? – anit.lacoul Feb 18 '14 at 18:00

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