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Would you know how to word wrap the text inside the PDF? I am using an array like:

$email_message =" fax: ".clean_string($fax)."\n
"; $email_message .=" address: ".clean_string($address)."\n
"; $email_message .=" email: ".clean_string($email)."\n

but the break tags show up within the PDF, I would like each one to go on a new line. I am using FPDF & Pear's Mime classes to generate the PDF.

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have you tried wordwrap function? –  tttony Sep 18 '11 at 5:34

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with a loop you can go through the

$posY = $pdf->GetY();
$nl = 4.5;
$temptext = explode("\n",$email_message );
foreach($temptext as $newline) {
    $nl += 4.5;
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