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This searches only in the pwd, despite having specified the directory. Probably caused by the third argument.

supported="*mov *mp4"
ls /home/kv/m $supported | head -1

..Removing the filter brings up the first file found by ls, but what can I use to tell ls to consider only the file types listed in $supported? --It's worth mentioning that the extensions mustn't be case-sensitive.

ls /home/kv/m | head -1
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ls /home/kv/m | grep -i -E '\.(mov|mp4)$' | head -1
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Run it in a subshell, and cd to the directory first

first=$( cd /home/kv/m && ls $supported | head -1 )

you might want to shopt -s nullglob first, in case there are not .mov or .mp4 files.

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