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I have 3 customer types (A,B, and C)

I'd like to have a win form where there's a drop down of the 3 customer types. When the user picks a type, next step goes to db and gets the product categories for that customer.

Then the user picks a category and is presented with a list of products from where he can either add or delete items.

Can someone please direct me to a resource that could get me started in the right direction? Or walk me through your perspective for a solution. A WPF resource is welcomed in addition to.

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Have you got any layering? The answer will heavily depend on your basic architecture. (Like Domain mdoel, Active Record, MVC, MVP, OR mapper, and so on ...) –  Gert Arnold Sep 18 '11 at 7:31

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In winforms you can use parent-child relationship along with BindingSource to populate 'child' control's data based on the value selected in 'parent' control, here is a rough idea:

  1. there are two dropdown list and a DataGridView
  2. add three BindingSource to your winform (bindingSource1, bindingSource2, bindingSource3)
  3. Populate DataSet with Customer, Category and Product data

            DataSet data = new DataSet();
            DataTable customer = GetCustomerTable();
            DataTable category = GetCategoryTable();
            DataTable products = GetProductChild();
  4. Add relationship between customer, category and product table

            data.Relations.Add( "CustCat", customer.Columns["ID"],
            data.Relations.Add("CatProd", category.Columns["ID"],
  5. Bind bindingSource1 to DataSet and set the bindingSource1.DataMember to the name of Customer table, bind bindingSource2 to bindingSource1 and bindingSource2.DataMember to name of relation between Customer and Category and similarly bindingSource3 to bindingSource2 and bindingSource3.DataMember to the relation between Category and Product

            DataSet data = this.GetDataSet();
            this.bindingSource1.DataSource = data;
            this.bindingSource1.DataMember = "Parent";
            this.bindingSource2.DataSource = this.bindingSource1;
            this.bindingSource2.DataMember = "CustCat";
            this.bindingSource3.DataSource = this.bindingSource2;
            this.bindingSource3.DataMember = "CatProd";
  6. Finally bind the BindSources to DropDownList and DataGridView, that's it!

            this.comboBox1.DisplayMember = "Name";
            this.comboBox1.ValueMember = "ID";
            this.comboBox1.DataSource = this.bindingSource1;
            this.comboBox2.DisplayMember = "Name";
            this.comboBox2.ValueMember = "ID";
            this.comboBox2.DataSource = this.bindingSource2;
            this.listBox1.DisplayMember = "Name";
            this.listBox1.ValueMember = "ID";
            this.listBox1.DataSource = this.bindingSource3;
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