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This is what I wish to achieve. Am using openvpn client on a linux box. Am trying to aggregate bandwidth over two ppp connections over EVDO ( USB wireless broadband dongle).

               --> VPN0 -> ppp0 -> 
bond0 (rr)--->|                   | ----> VPN server
               --> VPN1 -> ppp1 ->

If am right, above setup will aggregate the B/W. But right now am here.

               --> VPN0 -> ppp0 -> 
bond0 (rr)--->|                   | ----> VPN server
               --> VPN1 -> ppp0 ->

As you can see both the VPN connect to remote VPN server using the same ppp0 device ( If I connect ppp1 before connecting ppp0, both VPN will connect to ppp1).

How to associate a N/W interface or gateway in the client side to a VPN client , so that the VPN always uses that interface to connect to the server.

Note: Ofcourse, I can assign different IP in the server and use static routes from my client. But that is not what I want. Unfortunately, I don't have the luxury of using multiple IPs in my OpenVPN server.

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