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I have just start reading and writing nfc tags using google nexus one . I have gone through several site like this. They have mostly given for a single string writing. Is that possible to write more data . For example in my case i have to write person id , place and timings .Is there any example like this ? Thanks in advance

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I have created an Eclipse plugin for creating NDEF types of NFC payloads you might be interested in.

Also see the NDEF Tools for Java project for an Android boilerplate project for detecting, reading and writing NFC tags.

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You can put whatever information you want - there are no limits for that. The only limitation is a space available on particular tag type which is different for different tag types. For the tag compatibility check the documentation, e.g. Nokia supports all NFC forun tags 1-4 + Mifare classic, while Nexus S might have some limitations here (http://developer.android.com/sdk/android-2.3.3.html).

You are free to use whatever data format you like to save on the NFC tag - but there are certain standards pushed by NFC Forum - just search internet for for NDEF/RTD terms.

The most widely used NFC tag is currently MIFARE Ultralight, but Broadcom BCM20203 NFC Tag might be option as well, but I am not sure if it is distributed or not.

BR STeN www.mautilus.com

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