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Can I read status from my friends wall , using graph API or do I need FQL?

If so, how can I do it ?

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Yes you can use the Graph API, use the following URL:

Remember to replace USER_ID with the id of the user who's feed you want to read, and pass your access token. The docs are at this url:

EDIT Getting an access token can be quite tricky process in my experience. Which language are you using? You might wanner look into libraries which ease this process

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I am using JAVA , I think its not fully supported or its deprecated , I know PHP , but I will do a lot of processing in my friends statuses , so what you think ? – Peril Sep 18 '11 at 16:47

If you download, you can do this from the PowerShell commandline as simply "Get-FBFeed -Id ". Facebook PowerShell Module will help you get and manage your Access Token.

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