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I am using nyroModal plugin http://nyromodal.nyrodev.com/ to create a login modal. The idea is, once the user has logged in successfully, to close the nyromodal and redirect him/her to the another url?

Is that possible?



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This should do what you're looking for

function RefreshParent(){
    var url = window.parent.location.href;

    window.parent.location.href = url;

You'll need to include that piece of code to the login page (the one inside the nyroModal window)

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You could add in nyroModal afterClose callback the code to redirect to a new url and all code according your needs, I think to read through an ajax call or from a cookie if user is successfully logged in:


        callbacks: {
            afterClose: function() {
                window.location.href = "http://newurl";

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