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I have created user control MyUserControl. Now I want to create custom control MyCustomControl that derives from MyUserControl. MyCustomControl.cs code is following:

public class MyCustomControl : MyUserControl
        public MyCustomControl()
            this.DefaultStyleKey = typeof(MyCustomControl);

I have Themes/Generic.xaml file with the style

<Style TargetType="local:MyCustomControl">

Instantiating MyCustomControl at runtime I get ArgumentException executing the line

this.DefaultStyleKey = typeof(MyCustomControl);

What am I missing?

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Assigning a type that derives from UserControl to DefaultStyleKey is explicitly disallowed by throwing a ArgumentException (why an ArgumentException and why no explanitory message is included only the SL team know).

A UserControl cannot be templated receiving instead its own associated Xaml. Thats the whole point of UserControl. You need to convert MyUserControl into a templatable control was well if you wish to inherit off it in manner you are attempting.

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I see. Thanks! Is it possible to create CustomControl1 with it's default style and then create CustomControl2 deriving from CustomControl1 with CustomControl2 also having it's own default style? Initially I tried this scenario, but System.Exception occured at runtime –  EvAlex Sep 18 '11 at 12:23

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