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So i have some fields coming from the form. Here you can type 0.3 and it will insert 0.3 in to the database. Do you type 0,3 it will just insert "0".

$product['protein']; // 0,3

So to this above how can i replace a comma with a dot ?

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Try PHP's function str_replace():

$product['protein'] = str_replace(',', '.', $product['protein']);

Which should be a good fit.

You could think to use number_format():

number_format($value, $numberOfDecimals, $charaForDecimalPoint, $charForThousandsSeparator)

but in your case it wouldn't apply, due to the fact that your starting value ("0,3") wouldn't be recognized as a number. In fact, the decimal point for a numeric value must be a dot(".").

Use number_format only if your starting value is a true number.

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It's a problem when people/machines start to enter numbers with thousand separators such as 1.337,42 - a problem I actually faced the resulting value is 1.333742 in php - a factor 1000 wrong. – Pascal_dher Aug 12 '15 at 8:19
$product['protein'] = str_replace(",",".",$product['protein'])

For more info on the str_replace function visit:

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$product['protein'] = str_replace(",",".",$product['protein'])
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