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The data format is as following, the first column is the id:

1, b, c
2, a, d, e, f
3, u, i, c
4, k, m
5, o

However, i can do nothing to analyze this data. Do you have a good idea of how to read the data into R? Further, My question is: How to analyze the data whose different rows have different number of elements using R?

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1) describe what your data is 2) describe what analysis you want to do 3) read this… 4) repost a question with a small data set and code. – patrickmdnet Sep 18 '11 at 13:44
see fill=TRUE in ?read.table. You probably want to specify colClasses=rep("character",m), too, where m is the max. expected number of columns ... (or use count.fields to know for sure) – Ben Bolker Sep 18 '11 at 14:54
Are you telling me that you find easier to post a screenshot of data than data itself?! – Marek Sep 20 '11 at 7:44

It seems you are trying to read a file with elements of unequal length. The structure in R that is list.

It is possible to do this by combining read.table with sep="\n" and then to apply strsplit on each row of data.

Here is an example:

dat <- "
1 A B
2 C D E
3 F G H I J
4 K L
5 M"

The code to read and convert to a list:

x <- read.table(textConnection(dat), sep="\n")
apply(x, 1, function(i)strsplit(i, "\\s")[[1]])

The results:

[1] "1" "A" "B"

[1] "2" "C" "D" "E"

[1] "3" "F" "G" "H" "I" "J"

[1] "4" "K" "L"

[1] "5" "M"

You can now use any list manipulation technique to work with your data.

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using the readLines and strsplit to solve this problem.

text <- readLines("./xx.txt",encoding='UTF-8', n = -1L)

txt = unlist(strsplit(text, sep = " "))
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