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I'm trying to create a custom way of computing and passing unique id's that follow my own pattern.

Hibernate has the @GenericGenerator annotation that lets you map a custom class for computing a unique id and assigning it back to the @Id column.


  @GenericGenerator(name="MyIdGenerator", strategy="com.test.MyIdGenerator")

The thing is that i don't want to use (hibernates) @GenericGenerator at package level. Can this be in "pure" JPA / 2 ?

Thanks for your time.

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No, it doesn't have. Only possibility without 3rd party is to assign value by yourself. If you want to save yourself from calling method that sets id, then for example Prepersist callback can be used.

  public void ensureId() {
    id = ...
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Wow, that's a very elegant solution!! – nanoquack Sep 21 '13 at 10:04

I believe that the @MapsId annotation from JPA 2.0 provides this functionality.

References: Java EE 6 MapsId Documentation and Description of MapsId from ObjectDB

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If you are using EclipseLink, you can define your own custom Sequence object.

JPA 2.0 does not define a custom sequence generator, but JPA 2.1 does define a Converter API, which may be of use.

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