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I am trying to handle the MouseDragElementBehavior.Dragging event on a control I have. See here for background on why I want to do this.

I am having trouble wiring up this event. From the XAML you can see I have added a behavior to the user control. Then I attempted to add a handler to the Dragging event on the behavior via the CallMethodAction EventTrigger.

    <ei:MouseDragElementBehavior ConstrainToParentBounds="True">
            <i:EventTrigger EventName="Dragging">
                <ei:CallMethodAction MethodName="NotifyChildrenYouAreDragging" TargetObject="{Binding}"/>

I have tried the following method signatures with no luck:

void NotifyChildrenYouAreDragging(){}
void NotifyChildrenYouAreDragging(object sender, EventArgs e){}
void NotifyChildrenYouAreDragging(object sender, MouseEventArgs e){}

Anyone have experience using triggers to handle events in attached behaviors?

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The problem is that the EventTrigger doesn't hook up to the Behavior's events. Instead it is hooking up to the Behavior's AssociatedObject's events. Here is the relevant source code:

 protected override void OnAttached()
        DependencyObject associatedObject = base.AssociatedObject;
        Behavior behavior = associatedObject as Behavior;
        FrameworkElement element = associatedObject as FrameworkElement;
        if (behavior != null)
            associatedObject = ((IAttachedObject) behavior).AssociatedObject;
            behavior.AssociatedObjectChanged += new EventHandler(this.OnBehaviorHostChanged);

So you can see that if the associated object of the trigger is a behavior, then it sets the associated object to the Behavior's associated object which is your items collection. The items collection doesn't have a dragging event so nothing is ever fired.

You could probably get the results you want by creating another behavior that checks to see if the associated object has a drag behavior and if so have your behavior attach to the dragging event. Then call the method on the object from there.

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Thanks for explaining that. I ended up deriving a NotifyingMouseDragElementBehavior from MouseDragElementBehavior and added a DraggingNotifierProperty DP of type Action which I then wrapped in a MouseEventHandler which I assigned to the Dragging event of the behavior. Whew! MVVM/SL4 I hate you when I don't love you. –  dFlat Sep 20 '11 at 1:35
And of course I ended up dropping that last approach too and just doing what you suggested. Thanks again. –  dFlat Sep 20 '11 at 6:15

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