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How do you create an image button in GWT using the uibinder. My current code looks like:

<!DOCTYPE ui:UiBinder SYSTEM "">
<ui:UiBinder xmlns:ui=""
    <ui:with type="com.test.client.Resources" field="res"></ui:with>
        <g:Image resource="{res.facebook_32}"/>
            <g:downFace image="{res.facebook_32}"></g:downFace>
            <g:upFace image="{res.facebook_32}"></g:upFace>

The image is printed correctly so the image resource works correctly.

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What is the objective here? A regular image can behave as a button. Is it the events you are after?

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Check, that works. Only the arrow doesn't change to the 'click hand'. – Roel Veldhuizen Sep 19 '11 at 21:03
That's css. Just use cursor: pointer; – elvispt Sep 19 '11 at 22:23

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