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I'm targeting iOS (device and simulator) and setting up CMake to add the different resources needed in the bundle. The "xib" file is giving me some problems. If I take no further action, the iPhone/iPad simulator run fails with the error:

Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInternalInconsistencyException', 
  reason: 'Could not load NIB in bundle:
   'NSBundle </Users/danieldekkers/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/4.3.2/Applications/1C29638B-7593-4311-8F94-C8051AF90AD7/Discs.app> 
      (loaded)' with name 'MainWindow''

A missing NIB file in the bundle. An example (http://www.vtk.org/Wiki/CMake:OSX_InterfaceBuilderFiles) shows that for OSX, you have to compile the xib files into nib files and add these to the bundle as a post-build step. So my guess would be that something similar holds for iOS as well. But my question is,... where do i add the compiled nib files?

I now do this in the CMakeLists.txt:

# We need to compile the interface builder *.xib files to *.nib files to add to the bundle
# Make sure we can find the 'ibtool' program. If we can NOT find it we skip generation of this project
FIND_PROGRAM( IBTOOL ibtool HINTS "/usr/bin" "${OSX_DEVELOPER_ROOT}/usr/bin" )
    MESSAGE( SEND_ERROR "ibtool can not be found" )

# Compile the .xib files using the 'ibtool' program with the destination being the app package
    COMMAND ${IBTOOL} --errors --warnings --notices --output-format human-readable-text 
        COMMENT "Compiling ${RT_APP_ROOT}/rsrc/apple/ios/${xib}.xib")

But iI don't really trust the "destination" of the compilation step, especially for the simulator.

Has anyone got this working or see what it is that I'm doing wrong?

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I'm looking for an answer to this question if anyone is interested. –  jmort253 Sep 20 '12 at 16:27

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It should "just work" with the CMake Xcode generator to add the *.xib files as sources to add_executable, and then set the RESOURCE target property to the list of *.xib files.

As shown in the CMake/Tests/iOSNavApp/CMakeLists.txt file.

This technique should work with CMake 2.8.5 and up, and Xcode 4 and up.

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Thank you very much! The piece of information regarding the RESOURCE attribute that should be set to list the .xib files is was very hard to find on the web for me ! And the documentation is a bit misleading, you would think it is a property reserved to frameworks. By the way, there is a slight typo in the property identifier (it is singular), but I could not edit that. –  Ad N Jan 20 at 18:41

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