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I have content with various numeric values, and a higher value indicates (theoretically) more valuable content, which I want to rank higher.

For instance:

  • Average rating (0 - 5)
  • Number of comments (0 - whatever)
  • Number of inbound link references from other pages (0 - whatever)
  • Some arbitrary number I apply to indicate how important I feel the content is (1 - whatever)

These can be indexed by Lucene as a numeric value, but how can I tell Lucene to use this value in its ranking algorithm?

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you can set this value using "Field.SetBoost" while indexing.

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Yes, or you can set a boost at the document level, which will apply to all the fields of the document – Mike Sokolov Sep 18 '11 at 17:41

Depending how exactly you want to proceed, you can set boost while indexing as suggested by @L.B, or if you want to make it dynamic, i.e. at search time rather than indexing time, you can use ValueSourceQuery and CustomScoreQuery.

You can see example in the question I asked some time ago: Lucene custom scoring for numeric fields (the example was tested with Lucene 3.0).

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