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I am refering to Ole Begemann's API for Page Curl which has facing pages in the Landscape mode.

Here is the link I am refering to:


Now the problem is even if my images are 768 X 1024 or 1024 X 768 Pixels, it still shows only a small image and rest of the page show white background.

I want to make the image full screen in terms of height.

How can I remove the white space shown in the screenshot?

Please Help & Suggest Guys.


Here is a screen shot of how it looks. this screen shot has same images on both the facing pages, only thing is the height of the image should be 768.0 pixels:

enter image description here

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Got it done.

The image was drawn proportionally so there was a fixed proportion between height and width.

I removed that and ran it and it is working now.

Hope this helps someone.

If anyone is imlpementing the same API and having any problems with that, then please leave a comment below.. I will be happy to help.

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