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I'm trying to install SpringSource Tool Suite into an existing Eclipse install (3.7 Indigo). Following the update site manual from SpringSource, everything runs ok, however I cannot find any way to open the SpringSource Dashboard or the welcome screen (the green background).

In Window > Open Perspective > Other... there is no entry for Spring.

Going to the new menu I can't even create a new Spring project.

I have used the tool suite before as a standalone install, however I now want to play around with Spring Roo and use my current eclipse install and config.

Checking the install new software manager, everything says its installed and going into Help > About Eclipse shows all the Spring logos as suggested by the install guide.

Any ideas on what has gone wrong, or how I can figure out what could be wrong?

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Did you try creating a new Eclipse workspace with your newly installed STS? – bhagyas Sep 19 '11 at 6:25
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It does sound like something is not installed correctly.

First, have a look at your error log. Any interesting errors? Also, try restarting and seeing if any new errors come out.

If that doesn't show anything interesting, then it would be good to see what is installed. Can you go to Help -> About Eclipse -> Installed Software? Select all and copy. Paste it into the question above.

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