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I have several view Partials (like paginator partial) which I want them to be available To all view scripts in my application.
Is there a directory I can put partial vies in, and they will be available to all?
Or, how do I define such a directory?

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You can create a folder in the views folder with any name and from your views you would call a partial using the following code and as the second argument pass an array of values which would be used within the partial.

$this->partial('your-partial-dir/your-partial.phtml', array('var'=>$myVar));

Note that you can include and render any partial view from any view referring to the views folder as the root. And you would access variables within the partial using the $this identifier to refer to each variable as though it was a member of the partial object:

//your-partial.phtml file


Alternatively you can also create a view helper - a view helper is a class that is declared and extended from the Zend_View_helper class and can be called from a view as though it was a member function.

For more on view helpers you can refer to this write up on Zend

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Why is ZF using here in the docu the following path? application/modules/default/views/menu.phtml:… – tokam Oct 28 '11 at 11:13

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