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I am trying to read an XML file with user information and based on that information add users to Active Directory groups. I have been looking up the error messages with no help so far. Here is the add user to group code:

 $MyUsers = [xml] (Get-Content e:\sample.xml)
 $a = 0
 $b = 0
 $c = 0
 $OUServer = "servername.domain.domain.edu"
 $AD3Server = "servername.domain.domain.edu"
 $DSSPath = "cn=Atl-Users,OU=HR,DC=domain,DC=domain,DC=edu"
 $AD3Path = "ou=Admin,DC=domain,DC=domain,DC=domain,DC=EDU"
 $connection = "LDAP://$OUServer/$DSSPath"
     $CurUser = $MyUsers.clusters.cluster[$a].departments.department[$b].people.person[$c].loginid
     $Group = [adsi]"$connection"
     $User = "LDAP://$AD3Server/$CurUser,$AD3Path"

Here is the error I get Exception calling "Add" with "1" argument(s): "The server is unwilling to process the r equest. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80072035)"

Any help greatly appreciated!

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-can you post the content of $CurUser AND $User? –  CB. Sep 19 '11 at 6:12
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Here is a working example, you perhaps can adapt it.

First you forget to call the setinfo(), which is a kind of commit.

Second be careful that the value of $CurUser is in the form of 'CN=XXXXX'.


# Connecting without User/Password to Active Directory
#$dn = [adsi] "LDAP://,dc=fr"
# Connecting with User/Password to Active Directory
$dn = New-Object System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry ("LDAP://,dc=fr","administrateur@dom.fr","admin")

# Creation of an OU
$Monou = $dn.create("OrganizationalUnit", "ou=Monou")
$Monou.put("Description", "Une description")
$Res = $Monou.Setinfo()

# Basic creation of a user
$objUtilisateur = $Monou.create("inetOrgPerson", "cn=Marc Assin")

$objUtilisateur.samaccountname = "Massin"
$objUtilisateur.givenName = "Marc"
$objUtilisateur.sn = "Assin"
$objUtilisateur.userPrincipalName = "Massin@dom.fr"
# Set the state of the account
$objUtilisateur.pwdLastSet = 0
$objUtilisateur.userAccountControl = 544 #512

# Creation of a group
$MonGroupe = $Monou.Create("Group", "cn=MonGroupe")


# Adding user to a group
$MonGroupe.add('LDAP://cn=Marc Assin,ou=Monou,dc=dom,dc=fr')
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This do what you need:

$Connection = "LDAP://Server/CN=MyGoup,OU=MyOU,DC=MY,DC=CORP"

$Group = [adsi] $Connection

$User = "LDAP://Server/CN=MyUser,OU=MyOU,DC=MY,DC=CORP"


You have to check the contents of $CurUser AND $User variables.

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