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I want to transform a div composed of image + text (for translation) in a submit button. Is it possible?

I managed to use the image as submit but the text is not a link and it gives a 'broken' feeling to the whole image + text

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Only with javascript... are you looking for a non javascript method? – Dave Jan 19 '13 at 1:47
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Jquery usage.

$('div').click(function () {
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<div onclick="document.myform.submit()"></div>
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You can do it in two ways.

  1. You can use a button with type submit and use CSS to style it as a div
  2. Add an onClick on the div, and submit the form on the click event.

For method 2 you can either do it through jQuery or without, With plain js

    function submitOnClick(formName){
<form id="myForm" ...>
    <div onclick="submitOnClick('myForm')>

Trevor's answer shows how to do it with jQuery.
In his example just replace the 'div' and 'form' with the ids of your div and form as this:

If ids of div and form are myDiv and myForm specify them as '#myDiv' and '#myForm', here # is used to specify the following string is an id of an element.

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