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A newbie question for you R folks:

Case scenario:

  1. I define variable A: A=number

  2. I define other variables based on A: B=number*A

  3. I change the definition of A: A=different number

[Q]. How can I get R to automatically update the value of B, without redefining it again?

E.g.: 1. A=1000; 2. B=A/10; (B=100) 3. Changed my mind: A=1100 after all;


B should be 110 (1100/10), but its value has not been updated - hence it reads 100. Without redefining B, how can I update its value?


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@G.Grothendieck answers your question nicely below, but I suggest that you also consider changing your idiom -- while it is convenient (and similar to both spreadsheets and to symbolic math programs like Sage or Mathematica), it's un-idiomatic for R. –  Ben Bolker Sep 18 '11 at 19:52
Agree with @Bolker, but another approach is to "replay" the previous calculations with the aid of an IDE such as emacs/ess or RStudio. –  c-urchin Sep 19 '11 at 14:01

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Try this:

> A <- 1000
> makeActiveBinding("B", function() A/10, .GlobalEnv)
> B
[1] 100
> A <- 1100
> B
[1] 110
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You are proposing making B a function of A (and possibly of the "number" in that second expression)

B <- function(Number=3.5) { A*Number }
# [1] 35
A <- 15
# [1] 52.5
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