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I am using the latest and greatest version of jQuery.

When this button is clicked:

<input id="ShowImages" class="" type="button" value="images">

This function:

$("#ShowImages").click(function() {

Loads a page into this div:

<div id="MusicianImagesDiv" class=""></div>

In that div, when this button is clicked:

<input id="MusicianImageUploader" type="button" value="launch image uploader">

This function pops up a window:

$("#MusicianImageUploader").click(function() {
    MyURL = "GlobalAdmin/MusicianUploader.cfm?MusicianID=" + MusicianID; (MyURL, "mywindow","location=0");

When the "close window" button in the pop up window is pressed:

<input id="CloseButton" type="button" value="close this window">

I want to reload A SPECIFIC DIV // not the parent page

$('#CloseButton').click(function() {
    // to be clear, this code is in the pop up window
    // the MusicianImagesDiv div is in the parent window

And then close the pop up window.

Everything works perfectly except for reloading the div when the close button is clicked.

What am I doing wrong? Why does the close button not tell reload the div?

Here's the tweaked code that works flawlessly!!!

$('#CloseButton').click(function() {
    var MusicianID = $("#MusicianID").val();
    var LoadPage = "GlobalAdmin/MusicianImages.cfm?MusicianID=" + MusicianID;
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It wont work - as the closebutton is on a different page - different window – ManseUK Sep 18 '11 at 18:16
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Have you tried accessing window.opener ? This gives you access to the parent window. So roughly the code would be

$('#CloseButton').click(function() {
                 .load("MusicianImages.cfm? MusicianID="+MusicianID);
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Dood, your code ROCKS!!! This worked absolutely perfectly. Thanks for being awesome. – Evik James Sep 18 '11 at 18:40

It will not work - because the #closebutton is on a different window / html page - why does it need to be a new window that is opened - why can you not use a JQueryUI dialog ? that way everything is in the same page and the event will be handled

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I got that answer that I was looking for. Thanks for trying. – Evik James Sep 18 '11 at 18:42

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