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I am trying to build a Rails application that would internally invoke LaTeX to stitch together TeX files to generate documents on the fly. Not necessarily PDF. Just TeX -> DVI -> PS would do it for me.

My best guess is that I would need to host 2 separate code-bases, one for Rails code ( the standard $RAILS_ROOT ) and (possibly) a separate directory structure for hosting the TeX files ( which is also code in a way ). And as I see it, the Rails app would make system calls to LaTeX (latex <options> <files>) on the TeX files to do what I want it to do

I was wondering, therefore, if you guys could help me decide what the best hosting option could be for the above setup ( unless, you think that the setup itself should be different )

I know that something like Heroku would allow me to host the Rails bit easily. But as far as I can tell, their servers do not have full TexLive installation which I need. I have asked them if they could install TexLive on their servers. But assuming they don't entertain one off requests, what are my options ?

Do I then need to recreate my local setup from scratch on something like Amazon's EC2 ?
Any pointers on available options and the tasks they would entail would be most helpful.

Thanks Abhinav

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I think you should be able to make it work on Heroku but you may need to write a custom buildpack which includes/installs the latex binaries:

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There is already a buildpack for TeX and it works for me perfectly:

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