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How can I, using Javascript, make a function that will trim string passed as argument, to a specified length, also passed as argument. For example:

var string = "this is a string";
var length = 6;
var trimmedString = trimFunction(length, string);

/* trimmedString should be:
   "this is" */

Anyone got ideas? I've heard something about using substring, but didn't quite understand.

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"this is" = 7 characters, did you intend that ? –  aziz punjani Sep 18 '11 at 18:57
As said in the question, I'm not too sure how to use substring to do this. Could you please give me an example? I'll accept is an answer of course, if it works ;) @Interstellar_Coder oops, typo! –  user825286 Sep 18 '11 at 18:58

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Why not just use substring... string.substring(0, 6); The first argument (0) is the starting point. The second argument (6) is the ending point (exclusive). More info here.

var string = "this is a string";
var length = 6;
var trimmedString = string.substring(0, length);
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Thanks! Works perfectly. I'll mark it as answer as soon as the time limit is passed! –  user825286 Sep 18 '11 at 19:01
And if you want ellipses for strings exceeding the max length (probably more helpful for longer max): var string = "this is a string"; var length = 20; var trimmedString = string.length > length ? string.substring(0, length - 3) + "..." : string.substring(0, length); –  Will Sep 13 '12 at 15:19
Please note that string.substr(start, length) behaves strange, it will return empty if length is more than the length of the string. string.substring(start, end) works as expected, i.e. it will return the string up to it's end if there are not enough characters for the given end! –  centic Feb 11 at 14:53


From link:

string.substr(start[, length])
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