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So, I'm mad about this Arrays, 2nd day givin me pain in *....

I'm developing an OOP PHP script.

I'm getting an array:

Array ( [0] => Project Object ( [project_id] => 1 [title] => Some Name [date] => 2011-10-20 [place] => Some City [customer] => 1 [proj_budget] => [manager] => 1 [team] => 1 [currency] => 1 ) )

When I'm trying to do this:

    $project = new Project();
    $projects = $project->findAll();
    foreach ($projects as $temptwo) {
      echo $temptwo['title'].", \n";

I'm getting this:

Fatal error: Cannot use object of type Project as array

Why in the world? what does it want from me?

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Yeah friendly manual - I agree.. and thanks guys for your answers, I know how to use $project->title, and that's what I did couple of minutes ago but it didn't work.. Thanks all of you for your reply.. It didn't work then, now I tried - it work, I'll crush my laptop... :D Thanks!!! –  mrGott Sep 18 '11 at 19:45

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You access the items as arrays

echo $temptwo['title'].", \n";

You probably want to access their properties

echo $temptwo->title.", \n";
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It wants you to use the object as an object, not an array.

    echo $temptwo->title . ", \n";
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Try using:

echo $temptwo->title.", \n";


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That's because you are looping an array of objects, so each item in your array is an object you'll need to address as an object.

foreach($projects as $temptwo){
    echo $temptwo->title;
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You try to get the data of object. It seems as an array but it is not. it is an object so you have to use


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